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22. Juni 2023

XR-Week 2023 in Stuttgart

XR-Week 2023 in Stuttgart had for the first time a session about hpc, a set of presentations focusing on high performance computing. Speakers from industry as well as from research showed how HPC helps in their daily work.The first of these presenters, Uwe Woessner from HLRS, Stuttgart university, had a rather close relation to XR, since he leads the visualization lab at HLRS, and works with virtual, augmented and eXtended reality every day. By using a 3D CAVE or AR-displays he is able to show complex results of simulations in a way that they can be analysed very intuitively and be understood even by those who are not experts (in fact especially managers benefit from this kind of visualization!).René Thümmler from CFD consultants allowed a glimpse into the details of computational fluid dynamics and the challenges engineers face when they develop new products and try to optimize them for various operating conditions. This was closely related to what the solution center CASE4Med addresses in the field of medical engineering and beyond: using HPC and Data Analytics in order to be able to conduct clinical trials/studies virtually is a huge challenge, but the research partners HLRS/University of Stuttgart and IFC/Hochschule Furtwangen are committed to take up on these challenges and work with competent partners on the solution.

Finally Alfred Geiger, a long-time HPC expert who used to work for T-Systems, explained how quantum computing fits into all this. He not only put light into the differences between the work mode of classical computers and that of quantum computers, he also made clear, which kind of problems should be solved by which type of computer. And where quantum computing can help with miracles and where the computing that we know and use today, will still be important for a long time (for example when it comes to graphics and rendering).

The presentations were well received and the discussions were really lively and enlightening. The organisers, Dirk Pieper from CAE-Forum and Dr. Andreas Wierse from SICOS BW were very fond of the participation and participant feedback and agreed that they will host an HPC session at XR-Week 2024.