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HLRS Makes HPC Resources Available for COVID-19 Research


Effective immediately, scientists working on COVID-19 research are eligible for expedited access to computing resources at the High-Performance Computing Center Stuttgart (HLRS). HLRS encourages scientists in need of high-performance computing resources to contact us.

Recognizing the urgency of the need for new strategies to contain the global pandemic, HLRS has committed to fast-tracking applications for COVID-19 related computing time, minimizing all hurdles during the application process. This applies to research at the molecular level to understand the virus and develop vaccines and therapeutics, epidemiological research to understand and forecast disease spread, and other related approaches aimed at halting the pandemic.

If you are a scientist interested in using HLRS supercomputing resources at one of the GCS centers, please contact Michael Resch (resch@hlrs.de) and Bastian Koller (koller@hlrs.de).

Dr.-Ing. Andreas Wierse

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Dr.-Ing. Andreas Wierse