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The  The European federation of Data Driven Innovation Hubs aims to consolidate as the European reference for data driven innovation and experimentation, fostering collaboration between data driven initiatives in Europe, federating solutions in a global common catalogue of data services, and sharing data in a cross-border and cross-sector basis.

With the objective of serving as reference to the establishment of the Common European Data Spaces, the federation is initially composed of 12 DIHs, covering 10 countries and 12 different regions, and plans to increase the geographical coverage by incorporating other relevant initiatives in the upcoming months.

EUHubs4Data project launched its first open calls to the companies. Specifically:

  • All SMEs, start-ups or group of web entrepreneurs can participate by proposing their projects.
  • The projects should be related with data and its analysis and all participants should use the services and the datasets from the catalogue of the project.
  • The experiments would focus on different sectors of economic and societal value for Europe (e.g Healthcare, Manufacturing, AgriFood, Climate, Mobility, Energy) leveraging the existing focus, experience and available data sets of the different data innovation hubs that are involved in the project.
  • All accepted participants will get a flat-rate of 60K Euros.

The first call is open now and more information can be found at the project’s website: https://euhubs4data.eu/

There will be an virtual info session at Dec 18, 2020 12:00 PM (CET) and can be registered here: https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_fAYGKxXsS7SBiNz7j6dVTA

The contact people for those who are interested are:

Yunus Emrah Bulut: buluttecoedu Rainer Duda: dudatecoedu

Dr.-Ing. Andreas Wierse

Nutzen Sie Ihren Wettbewerbsvorteil durch den Einsatz von Simulation und Höchstleistungsrechnen sowie Big und Smart Data. Ich freue mich auf den Dialog mit Ihnen.

Dr.-Ing. Andreas Wierse