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HPC User Forum 2018


On October 1-2, 2018 (lunch to lunch), HLRS will again host an HPC User Forum meeting that will look at HPC in Germany, Europe and the world (see agenda below). Attendance and refreshments are free but space is limited, so HLRS and Hyperion Research encourage anyone who is interested to register.

The meeting will include updates on the EuroHPC program, the European Processors initiative and the EU-supported Fortissimo initiative for small and medium-size businesses, along with talks from the three German national HPC centers. Another major topic will be HPC-enabled artificial intelligence and advanced engineering, in the automotive industry and beyond. Speakers from the U.S. will summarize talks on automated driving systems and urban sensor networks given at the September HPC User Forum held in the American automotive industry capital, Detroit, Michigan.

We look forward to seeing you at HLRS and remind you that attendance is free but you need to register.


Monday, October 1

12:00 Lunch

  • 13:00 Welcome/Introductions Michael Resch and Bastian Koller, HLRS; Paul Muzio, Earl Joseph and Steve Conway
  • 13:15 Welcome, Peter Castellaz, Baden-Wuerttemberg Ministry of Science, Research and Art
  • 13:45 Update on Gauss Centre for Supercomputing (GCS), Michael Resch
  • 14:00 Update on Jülich Supercomputing Centre (FZJ), Thomas Lippert
  • 14:15 Update on HLRS, Bastian Koller
  • 14:30 Perspective on the HPC Community, Michael Resch, HLRS/University of Stuttgart
  • 14:45 Lenovo Technical/Strategy Update


  • 15:30 Verne Global Technical/Strategy Update
  • 15:45 The European Processor Initiative, Jean-Marc Denis, Chair, EPI
  • 16:15 Digitalization at MB Car Research and Development, Juergen Kohler, Daimler
  • 16:45 Cray Technical/Strategy Update
  • 17:00 Cost Models for HPC: What, How and Who Cares? Andy Jones, NAG

17:30 After-Meeting Socializing

Tuesday, October 2

  • 9:00 Welcome/Logistics/ IDC HPC Market Update, Earl Joseph & Steve Conway
  • 9:15 EuroHPC and the European HPC Strategy, Leonardo Flores, European Commission
  • 9:45 Update on Leibniz Supercomputing Centre of the Bavarian Academy of Sciences and Humanities (LRZ), Dieter Kranzlmüller 10:00 Intel Technical/Strategy Update
  • 10:15 Update on the Fortissimo Project, Mark Parsons, EPCC

10:45 Break

  • 11:15 Automated Driving and AI in Urban Environments – Recap of September Meeting, Paul Muzio, Steve Finn, HPC User Forum Steering Committee
  • 11:30 Testing Approaches for Autonomous Vehicles, Marius Feilhauer, ETAS
  • 12:00 IBM/Tech Data Technical/Strategy Update
  • 12:15 Use of HPC at Robert Bosch GmbH, Christoph Altmann
  • 12:45 Successful Use of HPC by SMEs and the Role of Training for Industrial Users, Andreas Wierse, Sicos BW
  • 13:15 EXCELLERAT: HPC Engineering in the Exascale Era, Bastian Koller, HLRS
  • 13:45 Inspur Technical/Strategy Update
  • 14:00 Meeting wrap up and plans for future HPC User Forum meetings, Earl Joseph, Steve Conway

14:15 Meeting ends 


Please follow this link to register.

Accomodation and Arrival

Attendees are responsible for their own travel and hotel arrangements.

Please find a list of suggested hotels at: http://www.hlrs.de/contact/how-to-find-us/


Dr.-Ing. Andreas Wierse

Nutzen Sie Ihren Wettbewerbsvorteil durch den Einsatz von Simulation und Höchstleistungsrechnen sowie Big und Smart Data. Ich freue mich auf den Dialog mit Ihnen.

Dr.-Ing. Andreas Wierse