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26. Juli 2023

Event Series: “Code of the Month” UAIF (Unique Artificial Intelligence Framework)

On 26.07.23, 11:00am CEST the second iteration of “Code of the Month” is upcoming, covering UAIF (Unique Artificial Intelligence Framework) from RAISE CoE.

CoE RAISE follows the rules of open science and publishes its results open access when they are ready for wider application. All developments of CoE RAISE are being integrated into the Unique AI Framework (UAIF), which will not only contain the trained models but also documentation on how to use them on current Petaflop and future Exascale HPC, prototype, and disruptive systems. The developments toward the Unique AI Framework are continuously progressing.

Parts of the UAIF are for example AI4HPC, an open-source library to train AI models with CFD datasets on HPC systems or Machine-Learned Particle-Flow (MLPF), an algorithm based on Graph Neural Networks (GNN) aimed at performing efficient, GPU-accelerated particle flow reconstruction at large particle detector experiments.

Our webinar gives an introduction to UAIF by Morris Riedel, with enough time for questions from the attendees. Whether you’re a developer, engineer or project manager – feel free to join us and learn what you could do with UAIF!

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